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26th April 2012

We are about to purchase a Westerly Griffon.

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16th April 2012

Went out to Aran Fawddwy with Marjorie. More pictures added to the photo collection.

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12 and 13 April 2012

Seaghost was sailed to her new owner. During our stay over in Bangor, a beautiful evening and morning resulted in some nice shots.

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This site was set up to share images and encourage other photographers to go out and take pictures with the same enthousiasm as I do. In my view, taking beautiful shots does not rely on a magic talent.

To understand the basics around compositions helps but being out there, often, whatever the weather throws at you, simply makes it likely you catch a magic moment. I have been out a lot is my excuse.

If you go out for a walk just when the rain stops, and that does happen in Wales, you often find yourself in a landscape where the cloulds just start to reveal a beautiful landscape in soft tones, with bits of sunshine filtering through. Or go out early after a night fall of fresh snow that has been shaped by the wind.

I do very little (digital) post processing.

What you can find here



The photography site can be access by clicking on the appropriate tab above. The photos have been grouped by theme.

Seaghost sail log

seaghost Between 2006 and 2012 we sailed a small Westerly 22 from Conwy, North Wales. Our trips through the local waters of North Wales have been logged here.

Anyway sail log

From 2012 to today we sail a Westerly Griffon from Conwy, North Wales. Our trips through the local waters of North Wales have been logged here.

Mountain walks

From 1997 to 2004, while working at the Hip Unit at the RJAH we had many students. Many of those we took into the Welsh mountains and further afield. This is a collection of walking stories.

Roman webpage

roman ROMAN is a software program witten in 2004 to assist in doing measurements on a series of X-rays. The program was hosted by Keele University for years but the page was recently removed.