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Maintenance 2008

After a long warm winter on her mooring Seaghost was to be taken out on the 6th of April for 2 weeks maintenance on the hard. John Pierce joined me to help with the harbour navigation and to put the whole event on video. Lifting in is easier than lifting out, as you have to pull the slings from the crane under the boat without catching on the keel or rudder. We decided to aim for the rudder and as she was lifted out it was neatly bent sideways with a good part of 1.5 tons resting on her.

Antifouling 1 year after Barnacles one year after

As soon as Seaghost was resting on blocks I bent the rudder axis back. But then before I knew it I was surrounded by experienced skippers shaking their heads and muttering the words "its no good" ... "it has to come off" ... "you gotta cut it" ... "I've got a hacksaw&. Panic set in as I knew I had only 4 days to do basic maintenance work before the communal lift in was organised and this didn't quite include time for the design of a new rudder. But the muttered words "it will break off when you least want it" made be grab the handed hacksaw and cut the rudder axis. I felt like a Captain asked to sink his own ship. With every grinding stroke of the hacksaw I felt my prospect for another season sailing without the bank trying to repossess my bicycle, having to rent out my wife and sell my children diminishing rapidly.

The effect of the pressure hose John putting the pressure hose on them

With the help of John and a pressure hose the barnacles washed off without too much effort. But this form of low sea life clamps itself with such vigor to the hull that with it came the much of the antifouling that was put on with so much love the year before. Other skippers were supportive in pointing out that the whole antifouling business was utterly pointless anyway as it repeats itself every year.

The newly welded rudder The new rudder

The next weekend was spent finding a new rudder bar of fairly similar diameter and a welder who would weld the thing in place. A new antifouling was painted on and the wooden bumper strips were sanded down and partly varnished. The boom and gaff had been taken home earlier in the year and were varnished and the gaff boom received a new leather protection.

Ready for the plunge Ready for the barnacles

The night before the lift in, I traveled up to meet a welder who would marry the bar and rudder together during a short ceremony. The day of the lift in (18th of April) had a Northerly gale force 8 forecast but it didn't quite materialise and the lift in went relatively uneventful. Seaghost was dropped in 2nd and I motored her away to test the rudder and bring her up to her mooring. The Conwy Club launch picked me and more crew from other boats up and dropped us off safely on the Conwy quays.