sail log 2010

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Harbour master Conwy
Harbour Office, Conwy Quay, Conwy,
LL32 8BB
tel: 01492 596253

That elusive Redwharf bay, Sunday 25th July

We got on the quays at 10:00 and were on the boat at 10:30, displaying an ever increasing efficiency of getting all the gear on board. We were finally going to get there, as least that was the plan. Forecast was and westerly 3/4, slight sea moderate visibility and rain later.

On our way to Red Wharf Baye On our way to Red Wharf Bay

The engine was switched on at 10:15 and 10:30 we cast off to get water from the Jetty. After that we set off towards Conwy channel. The kids were in good spirits. At 12:20 we switched the engine off. Out in the bay the wind was an F4 from the West which meant tacking all the way.

Crew not too well Crew not too well

We tacked into a choppy sea and made very little headway. The kids became silent after a while. Geke went down around 12:00 to make lunch which didn´t do her well. It didn´t take long and all the crew were down. I checked progress against the wind and we had not even reached C1. I calculated that it would be another 3 hours before we would get anywhere near, risking the window of oppportunity and the crew´s mood.

Games on board Games on board

So at 13:15 we made a large U-turn heading back to Conwy resulting in a long run. At 14:30 sails were dropped and 14:45 we were back where we started.

Monday 26th July

The family was up at 09:00 and we planned to sail 1 hour before HW to see if the opposite effect of wind over tide calms the bay. The other part of the plan was to get the children more involved with the sailing as Gameboys and Gamegirls tend to get seasick faster then the helmsman.

Timo raises the jib for the first time Timo raises the jib for the first time

Timo fixed the jib to the forestay and then raised it. The forecast was another W/NW F3 to F4 with occasional drizzle mixed with fog patched. Good, normal weather then. The motor was switched on at 10:40 and at 10:50 we set off. Meryl took control of the helm when we cast off.

Just another grey day in July Just another grey day in July

The bay was grey and dull. At 11:30 the sail was up and motor off. We went from drizzle to rain. Around 12:30 we were back on the pontoon having covered just 3.5 Nm.

Whatever the weather Whatever the weather

The rest of the afternoon was spent in Llandudno, visiting the pier and having a nice Italian meal .

Tuesday July 27th

Plan to sail a bit over Conwy Sands at high water. Meryl and Timo helped again to get the boat ready and we raised the sails on the pontoon this time.

What is she thinking about What is she thinking about

We set off at 11:30 and were under true sail at noon. We crossed Conwy Sand towards Great Orme´s Head. Not much wind. At 13:10 we turned back in a choppy sea around the head. We made it back over 4.6 with 3 meter water under the keel at 13:30.

Meryl on the helm Meryl on the helm

Motor sailed into Conwy river and dropped the sails at Delganwy. On the mooring at 14:20 we had covered 6.2 Nm.

Back on the pontoon dried out Back on the pontoon dried out

As so often, the weather changed for the better in the afternoon and we spend some quiet time reading, rowing and fishing.

The Harbour at night The Harbour at night

Wednesday July 28th

As Meryl and Timo were pretty bored by all the water activity which could be distracted on the game consoles, we took at day out to Anglesey to Sea World. Admittedly, the 3rd time we would go through the door but it has a very pleasant atmosphere and plenty to see.

Seaworld on Anglesey Seaworld on Anglesey

We headed back home at the end of the afternoon all longing for a nice warm shower.