sail log 2010

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Harbour master Conwy
Harbour Office, Conwy Quay, Conwy,
LL32 8BB
tel: 01492 596253

Saturday, 28th August

As the family was away for 2 weeks in the Netherlands. I traveled up early on Saturday morning, in Kath´s car, which I could kindly borrow for the weekend. There was little traffic on the road so early and got on the boat at 09:00. It was time for various maintenance tasks, which was just as well as the weather wasn´t great.

Storm in the harbour Storm in the harbour

In the evening we had a fantastic BBQ with Stuart and Ingrid from Idle Tide, Brian and Joyce from Anna and Alun and Kath. A fantastic evening enhanced with plenty of white wine.

Sunday, 29th August

Sunday woke up to rain with a rapidly increasing wind. I walked to the marina and along the seashore to see the waves crashing. Very few boats were out. Returning to Conwy, I did some shopping and when I got back on the pontoon, I was amazed by the whole thing going up and down on the waves coming in from the North East. Water lashed over the top and I felt like sitting in a bouncy castle while reading a book inside. The sun came out but it took until later in the evening before the wind weakened.

Monday, 30th August

As the coach roof was leaking, it was time to sand it down. While the tide was out, I used the Dutch Ho to scrape the barnacles of the boat. The hope was that the varnish would dry in time to go out in the afternoon.

Under sail in Conwy bay Under sail in Conwy bay

The weather was good for single handed sailing and I cast off from the pontoon at 13:40. At Perch (14:04) the sails went up and the motor off. The winds were light and the sailing was relaxing.

Carroussel of Hamble approaching in the distance Carrousel of Hamble approaching in the distance

Around 15:00 I turned Sea Ghost back as I had the obligation to return the car to the neighbours and was invited for a meal with John and Amanda. The motor was set to standby at Perch (15:20) and I sailed goosed winged into the harbour. The sails were dropped near Delganwy and Sea Ghost was back on her mooring at 16:00.

As it was bank holiday, I carefully drove onto the A55 which appeared to be quiet. Appearances can be deceptive, as just around the corner near Colwyn Bay the whole thing was chock a block. I took the little back roads, as done many times before to avoid the A55 and got back home at around 19:00.