sail log 2010

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Harbour master Conwy
Harbour Office, Conwy Quay, Conwy,
LL32 8BB
tel: 01492 596253

Friday, 13th August

We arrived in Conwy on the Friday evening at 20:30 and were on board at 21:00. It's all routine now.

Saturday, 14th August

As it was Conwy festival week, the 2nd weekend, all kinds of activities were organised on the quays. The first event we watched was a single handed rowing race took place between an 84 year old and somewhat younger chap.

An unfair race An unfair race

We visited the various stands and then we watched the RLNI rescue helicopter demonstration.

RLNI rescue demonstration RLNI rescue demonstration

Later in the afternoon a pirate battle took place between the Conwy and Delganwy sailing clubs which demonstrated that one should never grow up. The weapons were mainly water canons but one boat had even built their own ballista.

Sea battle in front of HMS Pickle Sea battle in front of HMS Pickle

Sunday 15th August

Sunday was reserved for the old gaffers and nobbies (inshore traditional fishing boat) race. We decided to go out and follow the proceedings. We left the mooring at 12:25 on the motor. HW was 16:00 (7.2m). Together with a whole load of other sailing boats we felt our way through the North Deep, which had just about enough water to let us through.

The Nobbies and Old Gaffers race Following a other Gaffers through the North Deep

I made note of the position of the few green buoys indicating the channel. Not much wind but out of the channel the wind picked up and the motor was off at 13:45.

Geke relaxing on the tiller Geke relaxing on the tiller

As there wasn't much wind, I pulled the outboard up to reduce drag. This had consequences later. The race started at 14:00 by an impressive canon shot and we followed the chatter on the VHF. Due to the lack of wind the traject was altered halfway to ensure everyone would be able to get back before the tide would leave us high and dry.

Meryl has a go Meryl has a go

At around 15:00 we set a course back to Conwy across Conwy Sands. About 45 minutes later I lowered the outboard back in the water to make a bit more speed as Meryl and Timo were somewhat bored. However, the engine didn't start.

Not directly a reason for a stressed Mayday call, but a good opportunity to use of the aging VHF set.
Communication works best if anyone is listening.

We knew Sirius and Idle Tide went out with us and there was a good chance they were still in the bay and able to give us a tow. Channel 16 is that hailing channel which every one is monitoring, except there was no answer to my calls.

Towed back to Conwy Towed back to Conwy

Ok time for plan B. We altered course to the shortest distance to get back into the Conwy channel. Thus we would avoid the highest drying bank (4.7m) and come across more yachts returning to Conwy. When we closed on the channel we saw Sirius (with Roger on the top deck) approaching from the west.

More calls on the VHF but to no avail. Plan C involved the good old signal trumpet which makes a lot of noise. This time we got the attention of the cavalry. Roger towed us back into Conwy were we arrived at 16:30.

Later it appeared the engine was seriously flooded, probably from the tilting up and discovered a method how to start a flooded engine.

Monday 16th August

This day we would visit Tryfan. Tryfan is a mountain, so it seemed sensible to leave the boat were it was and embark on an land expedition. First we spent some time in Conwy to find a day rucksack. Then we drove up to the Ogwen valley and parked along lake Ogwen.

Ready for a day out...on land Ready for a day out...on land

This would be the first time with Meryl and Timo in the mountains. They loved it, big rocks, climbing opportunities everywhere. It was more that the parents could not keep up.

Climbing Tryfan Climbing Tryfan

We walked up from the West over the ridge to the start of the Terrace. It was decided not to all the way up and around the back as we were not sure how much energy was left.

Decent from the mountain Decent from the mountain

We dropped back down and came across a patch of Sundew. Meryl and Timo had plenty of energy left and even climbed partly back up. It was a good experience and we now know more is possible.

Not my hat again Not my hat again

Tuesday 17th August

We didn't do much this day except a few practice runs for Meryl to cast off and moor back on the pontoon under engine control. All relaxing and we drove back home at the end of the afternoon.