sail log 2010

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Harbour master Conwy
Harbour Office, Conwy Quay, Conwy,
LL32 8BB
tel: 01492 596253

Maintenance 2010

This is the first year Sea Ghost wasn't lifted out. For 3 reasons really:

1: to dry her out, scrub and anti foul between 2 tides, as I'd seen experienced sailors do
2: the lift out schedule was already arranged when I enquired and the list was full
3: didn't want to risk the rudder again (see Maintenance 2008)

March 30th

The dry out opportunity fell in the weekend of the 27th of March, as it was a spring tide. But the weather was cold and I was weak (chickened out). The only thing done was to deliver the new cushion covers I had been designing and sewing the previous week. The existing cushions had been exhibiting large holes and depended on gaffa tape to be held together. The red imitation leather was replaced with a soft green felt like material. Certainly warmer to sit on.

April 9,10 & 11th

Two weeks later the weather had turned out lovely but, at a neap, the tide would only lift us onto (into) the mud, not to the sand or gravel higher up. Mud isn't quite the ideal substance to spend a prolonged time in on your back while scrubbing the bottom of the hull trying to scrape the barnacles off.

Vanishing the wood work Vanishing the wood work

The other slight problem was that our petrol tank had been stolen, and therefore moving from our berth was rather difficult. The wood work needed desperately new layers of varnish and this is the task we set us.

April 17th

We returned on the weekend of the 17th as the weather was still lovely and more layers of varnish were required. We also had plans again to scrub the hull and repaint the green strip between the two wooden bumper strips.

Out on the ever growing sand bank Out on the ever growing sand bank

The idea was for scrubbing to bring a hoe and for painting a can of paint. Both were left at home. It transpired quickly that vanishing was the only option left.

April 18th

Sunday was a slow start for some of us. Timo and I went for a walk at 7:30 while the tide was out. Geke & Meryl did an in depth test in the comfort the new cushion covers. This year we can actually walk up to the jetty at low tide. In previous years there was always too much water or mud. The family woke at 09:00 and went hunting for fresh bread from the local shop, while I continued the varnishing work.

Tides return however with a certain certainty. A slightly high pitched voice distracted me from my intense concentration on my varnishing work and when I had located the source it was pointed out to me that the tide had returned above Wellie level. The dinghy came to the rescue.

Early morning Early morning

While breakfast was prepared another layer of varnish was completed. After breakfast we rowed ashore for coffee and a hunt for the missing pot of blue paint which was to go between the 2 wooden bumper strips.

Green turns to blue Green turns to blue

With the new paint acquired, no time was lost replacing the damaged green layer with a fresh new blue cover. Only then some appreciation sank in the for unique green identity we enjoyed as nearly all other yachts on the pontoon exhibit some form of blue. Not to worry, there is still plenty which makes Sea Ghost different from the others (old stained sails, wooden mast, flaked anti slip deck paint, etc).