sail log 2009


First weekend


Sunny week


Girls day out


Not going anywhere


The Old Gaffer


Conwy festifal week


August bank holiday


Beaumaris weekend trip


Fairway and back with John

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First weekend

There is always hope that one is ready for the new season when the boat is dropped back in. So far, this hope has never been justified and could easily be classed as naive. No rudder, no sea toilet, no push pit, no lazy jacks, no etc. etc.

A herron at work A heron at work

All the rudder needed was welding the tiller end on the rudder bar. I always thought this would be a straight forward process, but the welder thought otherwise. Eventually we ran out of ways of mounting it the wrong way round.

Rudder mounting variations Rudder mounting variations

With time comes experience. There are some distinct advantages to a gunter rig, as climbing up into the mast was assisted by Geke pulling the gaff up at roughly the same speed.

Work up in the mast Work up in the mast

The sea toilet was put back in the heads but the water inlet still didn't work, which means the bucket is still the primitive tool we have used for the last 2 years.

The Conwy quays at night The Conwy quays at night

The main step forward this year is the relocation to the pontoon. An evening walk is now possible independent of the tide.

The morning after The morning after

Meryl and Timo mainly entertain themselves with fishing, crabbing and mud walking.

Boat hook to be used for fishing Boat hook to be used for fishing

Life on the pontoon is so much easier than out in the estuary. Part of the new push pit can be seen in the background

Mud walking Mud walking

At low tide, one can be tempted to walk to the shore, but this end of the river floats over rather smelly mud banks, with a type of clay which wouldn't do badly as antifouling. It is slippery, probably poisonous, once applied doesn't wear off and is very smelly. Thought for next year?

The crew ready to go home The crew ready to go home

The pontoon can be seen in the background. Sea ghost new mooring is at the very end.