Saturday 31st May

It was the Conwy boatshow in the Conwy marina. We arrived early 08:15 at the boat, expecting a lot of traffic for the boat show and problems parking. However, there was not enough water to leave from the jetty and we pottered around to arrive 09:45 onboard.

We walked to the marina and paid £20 to get in (2 adults, one child free). It was a good opportunity to have a look inside several 2nd hand boats for sale and saw a nice Benetaux 30. Bit pricey at £44,000 though.

We also had a look around on some very expensive motor yachts, which interior far outclasses our home, leave alone the boat.

New name on wind dodgers

New name on wind dodgers

Sunday, 1st of June

We motored up to the fuel jetty to get water and use a power dril to mount the new chart table. At 12:20 we motored past Conwy marina were the RLNI was reviving a casualty jetskier, in a demo gone wrong.

Out in Conwy bay we sailed in the little wind and practised man-over-board.

We sailed past Jean and Martin (Paxi) and Andy Rowbotham and Robert who were trying out a new boat.

Jean and Martin